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Is the Smart Objects book really only 46 pages?

Yes and no. There are indeed 46 separate 'pages' as iBooks sees them. But each page may contain several steps, which appear as sub-pages within the current page. This has been done to make a more logical reading structure. If you add all of those together, the book actually weighs in at 166 pages.

What version of Photoshop do you need for this book?

Smart Objects were introduced in Photoshop CS2, so there's no point reading the book if you have a version earlier than that. Smart Filters were introduced in Photoshop CS3, and these are featured in the second chapter in the book.

Do I need an iPad to read the book?

If you have Mac OS X 10.9 (Mavericks), you can read Pocket Photoshop books using the new iBooks app that's built into the operating system. There is as yet no equivalent for Windows PC users.

Can I read the book on an iPhone?

No, sorry. Although there is an iBooks app on the iPhone, it's not able to open books designed specifically for the iPad.

Can I read the book on an Android/Kindle/other tablet?

Not at this stage. Android and Kindle versions of the book may come later.

Why can't I buy a printed copy of the book?

Because it would be too expensive. Print On Demand services are fine for novels, but prohibitively expensive for full-colour books. Anyway, you know you really want an iPad.

I haven't bought the book, can I still download the files?

Yes, if you want to, although I don't know what you're going to do with them. I took most of the pictures myself so there are no copyright issues. Except the Mona Lisa. I didn't paint that.

Smart Objects can radically change the way you view Photoshop editing, as they enable more user control and flexibility than you’d ever dreamed possible.

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