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What is Pocket Photoshop?

Pocket Photoshop is a new approach to teaching the intricacies of the world’s best-loved image editing program. I’ve written four proper printed books about Photoshop, and I’ve found several times that there are specific areas of working with the program – Smart Objects, Layer Styles, Selections, Layer Masks, and so on – that are too complex to be dealt with fully in a single chapter in a much longer book, but which don’t merit a printed book in their own right.


The original intention was to publish each of the volumes in what will become the Pocket Photoshop series as a 60-page mini book, but publishers’ marketing departments had difficulty with the idea of selling a book that they felt would be too small to be able to compete for space on bookstore shelves.


And so I decided to leave the publishers out of the equation altogether, and go straight to digital. This approach has several distinct advantages. First, it means I’ll be able to publish each volume in the series as soon as it’s ready, without having to go through the usual channels. Second, it means that without having to shell out for printing, paper, distribution and warehousing, I’m able to offer the books at a much lower cost than would otherwise be the case.


The first book in the series is Smart Objects, which are a fascinating display of Photoshop’s raw power. Most Photoshop users have little idea of the existence of Smart Objects, let alone how to make the most from this unique way of working.


Expect to see more titles in the Pocket Photoshop series as time goes on.


Steve Caplin

Smart Objects can radically change the way you view Photoshop editing, as they enable more user control and flexibility than you’d ever dreamed possible.

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